Nitrex. Why only with the GlobalShark team you will be successful in Nitrex.

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Nitrex. Why you need to go only to the GlobalShark team!

This article will answer two important questions. First, why do you need to start a business with Nitrex, and second, why is it so important to only join the GlobalShark team in order to be successful at Nitrex!

To get a 30% discount on all Nitrex purchases, register using the link:

Registration in the GlobalShark automation system:

Presentation of Nitrex products, in short 10 minutes:

Nitrex provides two opportunities for earning:

  1. This is an absolutely passive income without invitations and sales using the company’s products for automatic trading in the spot crypto market, forex, and other markets.
  2. This is a highly profitable, multi-level, unique affiliate program with which you can earn very big money for many years.

First of all, it is important to understand that Nitrex is not an investment company!!!

It does not accept clients’ money in trust management, and you do not send your deposits to the company!

Your money is stored and works exclusively on your personal accounts, on your exchange or broker, from where only you can withdraw your money. Moreover, at any time you can withdraw at least all the money, this is both a deposit and all the profit that the robot has traded for you! You see all orders in real time, you can intervene in trading if you see fit, but it’s better not to do this so as not to violate the algorithm of the robot.

You do not need to send money to some company, believe in dubious legends and lose your money again in various pyramid schemes.

This is real trading on your account and you can be convinced of this in just a minute!

Nitrex is a product company that provides software, electronic products for automated trading in various markets. And you can start absolutely free of charge using any Nitrex product without any restrictions on functionality and time.

You don’t lose anything at all. You don’t need to buy a pig in a poke. Just start earning without paying for the product. And when you are convinced that Nitrex products bring you a decent profit, decide for yourself which package you should switch to in order to increase your profit.

The official start of the company was 04/04/2021 in Dubai.

I personally attended this event. And not only at the opening itself, but also for a whole week, my wife and I spent together with the company’s management in Dubai, visiting the best sights of the city. As a professional networker with more than 16 years of experience, I can safely say that everything went at the highest level!

In the photo on the right, my wife and I represent the GlobalShark team, on the left, the Nitrex management is the main management team!

The management of the Nitrex company are public and well-known people. Personally, I have known them for many years and I know that you can follow them, and if they started this business, they will do everything to make it as comfortable and profitable for all of us to cooperate with Nitrex.


At the start, we started working with only one product, these were robots for automatic trading in the Forex market. Personally, I have tried quite a few different tools for Forex trading, from the simplest to the very expensive ones. And therefore, I was initially negatively disposed to this product, but after trying it, I realized that everything that I had previously used absolutely cannot be compared with this product. It trades almost one day, even in aggressive modes, and every evening the robot closes all transactions, that is, dry. This means that almost any day you can withdraw at least the entire balance from the broker, unlike the previous tools that I used where a drawdown of several weeks and even a month is the norm)

But still, these are forex friends, and you need to clearly and clearly understand that a forex account cannot be left unattended, unless of course this is a light mode. This means you need to keep an eye on the margin level, since trading is done with leverage! Be sure to start working with this product only on light. Then study the instructions, and only after that choose the next mode, light, medium or turbo. Profitability depends on market volatility and on the selected mode, from 2-3% to 30-50% in turbo mode and more. But you need to understand that the risks are proportional to the profitability, you do not need to chase super profits. The main rule of the investor is to save first, and then increase!

Here is one of my results on one of my Nitrex test robots. And you will see how it works :)


The company, as promised, launched new products in the cryptocurrency market in July, and this is what I would strongly recommend you use to increase your capital!

Tethmaker’s first product is spot trading, i.e. one-to-one trading without leverage, this is extremely important to understand! For comparison, in Forex we trade with leverage. In fact, trading is carried out in amounts 1000 or 2000 times more than you have on your balance sheet, and due to this, there is a high risk. Therefore, if with leverage the market goes strongly without kickbacks in a direction that is unprofitable for you, and you have orders open, then you definitely need to top up. Without topping up, there is a risk of getting a margin call and losing the entire deposit.

So there is no leverage on spot trading and there is no risk of losing the entire deposit! The maximum that bad can happen is that you can temporarily find yourself in a drawdown, for example, with bitcoin in your hands, but during a correction you will close in plus, it’s a matter of time. And if you don’t want to wait, you can top up, that is, add funds to the deposit and the robot will be able to average and close in plus. But you can not do this, unlike the forex market or trading with leverage!

Using my personal example, I can say that the USDT ADA pair, with a sharp non-recoil fall of more than 35%, worked clearly and closed in positive territory. Forex with leverage is simply impossible to imagine). A 50% drop in an asset without rollbacks is successfully processed by the robot. But you can look at the charts for yourself, no fundamental coin has ever dropped 50% in price sharply without a single rollback! And at the same time, the profitability is not less than on Forex, and sometimes even more, and this is without leverage and the risk of losing a deposit, which is extremely important!

At the moment, there are already two crypto products. The first is TethMaker, what I described above spot trading increase USDT (crypto dollar). The yield in the conservative version of Tezmaker is at least 5% if we take bitcoin in a pair, it is the least volatile, and from 10% minimum, for example, on an ADA pair. Profitability can be significantly increased due to individual settings for each trading pair. TethMaker PRO allows you to choose from the top 150 coins, and allows you to choose the aggressiveness of trading for each pair separately or all together, as well as whether or not to connect artificial intelligence EVA. Thanks to this, profitability can be increased at times! For example, 7% per day on one pair in PRO mode is not uncommon!

One of my results on TethMaker:

The second product is NCR30 (Nitrex Crypto Rebolancer). This is no longer trading, this is a crypto portfolio of 30 promising coins, which is rebalanced weekly. That is, two price cuts pass during the week and the third is already with rebalancing. Thus, the composition and number of coins are completely changed for more promising ones for the next week. Due to which, the growth of profits over a distance is ten times more than just holding (keeping) some coins. Since different coins at different times are rapidly growing or falling in price, or simply slowing down.

What is NCR30 briefly in the video:

My personal result on the NCR30 product:

Also in the near future there will be another product for crypto trading, Coinmaker. The product will trade already cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, and which coin will be selected to be multiplied. Due to the volatility of both coins, the profitability will be even higher. This product is suitable for those who, through trading, want to get even more profit or diversify their assets. And also for crypto enthusiasts who hold (store) these coins. Using this product, they will be able not only to store and earn on the growth of the price of the coin, but also to increase the number of coins!

Also soon there will be products for working on the stock market, trading in metals, and the development of two products not related to trading is already underway. And this is just the beginning! It is important to understand that we are not just going for one product. We receive high-quality service and a constantly growing and timely updated product line, most of which simply have no analogues at all! Of course, after a while, someone may be able to copy some product of the company, this is not excluded. But by then, Nitrex will have taken it a step further and launched new innovative products and features into the market!

You also need to understand that Nitrex is not only innovative products for automatic trading on your personal accounts. This is exactly the service that includes a highly profitable, multi-level affiliate program.

Nitrex affiliate program in 5 minutes:

GlobalShark’s Nitrex Affiliate Partner Result:

Full presentation of Nitrex, webinar:

Nitrex’s marketing is so unique that a customer can start using any of the company’s products for free! And at the same time, it is even more profitable for active partners at a distance. But after the client uses the product for free, he will understand that it is profitable, and will want to increase his income by switching to a paid option. Affiliate program 1 level 20% (invite bonus) is also available for free, without purchasing a license, but only if any product of the company is launched. That is, for example, a tezmaker turned on a pair on the Hobi exchange for $ 160, you make a profit, there is something to show and at the same time 1 level affiliate program. That is, the threshold for entering the business is 0.

Paid options, this is the activation of one product for $ 157 (including a 30% discount using the promotional code 0000291). Then the commission (GAS fee) from the profit will no longer be 50%, but 20%, and rebalancing to NCR30 is not $20, but only $5 (UNT). This opens a full-fledged multi-level affiliate program! And most importantly, this is a one-time payment for using the product, but for a deep affiliate program it needs to be renewed every year, if not an extension, nothing terrible will happen, the team will not be lost, just instead of a deep affiliate program, a single-level one will turn on until you renew it. See the slide below:

Nitrex presentation slides.

There is nothing technically difficult here. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, everything is done in just a few clicks! This is very important for us, because with easy registration and duplication, you can build a large and profitable business. Especially if you use the GlobalShark automation system to develop your business in Nitrex. The system is naturally available only to the actual partners of the GlobalShark team!

But I want to make a special emphasis on exactly why it is so important to register only in the GlobalShark team!

Firstly, you get absolutely free, ready-made with the highest conversion system for complete business automation with Nitrex. All the mechanisms for recruiting partners via the Internet and notification systems have already been thought out there. As well as training from the best specialists in this niche for which people pay decent money for the sake of knowledge that is relevant right now!

Secondly, you will be the most competitive, because when the GlobalShark team gets to work, almost everywhere the top lines are filled with information about the team and the system, and everyone understands that it is necessary to register only in the GlobalShark team so as not to lose a competitive advantage!

Thirdly, you and all your partners will also participate in numerous super promos from the GlobalShark club, and thus earn, in addition to what Nitrex gives marketing, solid prizes from an iPhone to a cruise and cash gifts!

The most important information, training and everything you need to use this system is in a closed premium zone, where only the actual partners of our GlobalShark team can get after checking for your presence in our structure!

Also, only the GlobalShark team has an office program!


We open offices for our leaders in different countries and cities. Details of the office program are in our preliminary chat. Details in personal communication.

The first Nitrex office in Germany and Europe is opened in the GlobalShark team:

Office address: Remscheid Hans-Potyka-Straße 10

Reviews about the company Nitrex

Reviews about the GlobalShark team

All instructions for the steps from registering, replenishing the balance on the exchange, to connecting the Nitrex robot are inside the GlobalShark account. Just go through the registration in two clicks through the social network.

Also be sure to contact me and write that you want to start earning in Nitrex. I will definitely help you figure it out and set up your robot! Feel free to write right away, I will answer any question.

Registration with Nitrex:

Registration on the Binance exchange:

Registration on the Roboforex broker:

Registration in the GlobalShark automation system:

My contacts:
For questions, contact telegram:




Preliminary telegram chat Nitrex — GlobalShark:

Official opening of Nitrex in Dubai 04.04.2021

Founder of GlobalShark in a cage with predatory tigers! NOT FOR THE WEAK NERVE…

I wish you a great team and solid financial results in Nitrex in our GlobalShark team!

We started a new business with Evo Mind read here.

Information about Nitrex in Spanish

Information about Nitrex in Turkish

Information about Nitrex in Russian

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