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Emir Global Trend SCAM!!!

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Emir Global Trend

Emir Global Trend scam!


Emir Global Trend is a new innovative company that uses completely different sources of profit, which minimizes all possible risks and maximizes profitability for its investors and partners!
The founders of Emir Global Trend are very serious people, these are Arabs who have been living in Dubai all their lives.
The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest and most high-tech countries in the world.
This is the country that in 30 years from the desert has turned into the most popular and fastest growing metropolis!
There are 59 thousand dollar millionaires per 5 million people here, and this clearly indicates that most startups from Dubai are doomed to success.
The company’s direction is trading on forex and crypto exchanges, which gives a balance of profitability and stability, its own crypto-exchange and, subsequently, its own cryptocurrency EmirCoin, which will be supported by square meters of luxury real estate in Dubai.
Passive income up to 25% per month.
Packages from $ 0, entry is available to absolutely everyone.
Marketing — a binary up to 8% with a short leg.
For a personal invitation — 10%.
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