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Company Bitalium

There is an opportunity to earn passively up to 1.4% per day from your investments, and there is a very profitable hybrid affiliate program.

The start of registration at Bitalium will begin next week, that is, now in fact there is not a single registered partner in the company, which means that we are all in the forefront, and the margin of safety at the time of the start of the company is maximum, as well as the opportunity to earn solid money!

Company Bitalium preliminary chat:

The company from Switzerland, the administration and the office are also in Switzerland, when the borders are opened it will be possible to visit the company’s office. Swiss CEO Sam D. Walch, a public person, speaks 4 languages, is on LinkedIn and answers on LinkedIn I personally wrote to him and checked. This is very important when the leadership is public and easily comes in contact with everyone. Video conferences with management have already taken place, and they also showed an account on the exchange where you could see the balance replenishment of 50 bitcoins in 2018, during this time more than 400 bitcoins were withdrawn, and now there are 709 bitcoins on the balance (this is more than $ 6,000,000 per current moment in the account), thousands of pages of the history of trading operations, this is a rather positive moment, the history of trade for 2 years with a good plus and the fact that the company already has a decent amount in the account is definitely not a low-budget project, and this is a good plus.

Passive income Bitalium:

the percentage is floating up to 1.4% / day (7 days a week), you can invest any amount from $ 100, packages:

$ 100- $ 999 — 180 days

$ 1,000- $ 4,999 — 210 days

$ 5,000- $ 14,999 — 240 days

$ 15,000- $ 30,000 — lifetime 270 days

Affiliate program:

This is a hybrid binary with a fixed budget split.
2/3 of the deposit amount goes to the deposit itself on which interest is accrued.

1/3 of the deposit goes to the affiliate program.

Example: you invested $ 3000, of which 2000 will go to work and they will be credited to them up to 1.4% per day, up to $ 840 per month with this example, or up to 28% per month of the total deposit amount (all $ 3000 if you count ) And the remaining 1/3 of that is $ 1000 out of 3000 diverges according to the affiliate program.

This is an important point, all deposits are strictly divided into two parts, and the percentage goes to the affiliate program, and your deposit, that is, your partner pays the affiliate program upwards in structure, and passive income is not charged to this part, which does not burden the company Bitalium!

There are 5 types of bonuses in the affiliate program Bitalium:

Linear bonus:
1 line — 15%
2nd line — 12%

3 line — 9%

4th line — 6%

5 line — 3%

Binary Bonus Bitalium:
Depends on your deposit from 12% to 21% with short legs

Packages from $ 100 to $ 999 — 12%

Packages from $ 1,000 to $ 4,999 — 15%

Packages from $ 5,000 to $ 14,999 — 18%

Packages from $ 15,000 to $ 30,000 — 21%

One-time bonuses Bitalium. You get them per revolution in the short leg:
Turnover $ 25,000 — get Iphone 11 pro max

Turnover of $ 100,000 — MacBook Pro
$ 200,000 Turnover — Exotic Journey + Personalized Landing
Turnover $ 500,000 — Rolex datejust 36 + office program (the company pays you office rent and provides the necessary materials)

Turnover $ 2,000,000 — luxury car + Ambassador program Bitalium (you get Ambassador status of your region + stable monthly income from the region)

Turnover $ 8,000,000 — premium car + sherholding program Bitalium (you begin to receive a share of the company’s profits)

$ 15,000,000 turnover — $ 500,000 luxury villa in Bali

Ambassador Program Bitalium — You begin to receive a stable monthly income from the region when you reach a turnover of $ 2,000,000 in a short leg.

Sherholding program — you begin to receive a share of the company’s profit (from trading) when you reach a turnover of $ 8,000,000 in a short leg.

Office program Bitalium — the company allocates you a budget for office rent and provides the necessary materials when you reach a turnover of $ 500,000 in a short leg.
The GlobalShark team has already agreed on video conferences with the company’s management, where you can ask all your questions directly, find out the latest news and see live how your money works on the exchange.

Also, each partner of our GlobalShark team will receive a system for the complete automation of this business, which has been radically updated, due to which the conversion has grown significantly. The best designers, marketers and copywriters of their niche worked on the system, and you can see for yourself. But only the actual partners of our team will be able to access the closed VIP zone, where you will find proven and working traffic sources, the GlobalShark training center (training from the best professionals), techniques for quickly building the structure, and much more for your effective work, without which It is impossible to be successful in an online business. People are willing to pay big money for learning how to work efficiently and make money on the Internet. As part of our GlobalShark team, you get all this absolutely FREE!
The GlobalShark team periodically announces PROMO, this is in addition to marketing the company! And I am pleased to inform you that in the very near future — the GlobalShark team will announce a PROMOTION with very valuable and necessary prizes in our time (usually the prizes from the last Iphone to the cruise and this is not the limit!).

If you want to take part in this business and earn decent money, then you only need to be in the GlobalShark team, as this is the strongest competitive advantage in the market and the strongest team. The whole Internet knows that if the GlobalShark team enters, then no one has a question where to go to which team — ONLY in GlobalShark, because only with the strongest you will learn how to achieve your goal!


Company Bitalium preliminary chat:


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